Westbourne Recreation Center

Westbourne Recreation Center has a brand new park, swimming pool (with baby pool), 2 tennis courts and basketball courts.  The park is a new and innovative design for climbing, balance, and just plain fun.  The park also has a picnic table.  Another section has been added for the smaller kids to enjoy.

Lundar Park

Lundar park is towards the back of the subdivision (on Lundar past Innisfall) and is secluded between tall pine trees.
​Lundar Park is very shady and an nice place to enjoy a picnic. Lundar Park has a picnic table and an outdoor grill.

Beaverdell Park

Beaverdell park is in the middle of the subdivision on the end of the block.  The Beaverdell park is enjoyable with
​slides, swings, and various equipment.  There is a picnic table, 2 benches, and 2 outdoor grills.

Westbourne has 3 community parks, a community swimming pool, and 2 tennis courts (with basketball courts). Questions, suggestions, or concerns about parks or the recreation center can be emailed to westbourne@westbournehoa.com.

Westbourne Parks

(832) 515-1943